Fowler Trimos A6 Portable Measuring Arm 125"/3200mm 54-960-032-0

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The Fowler Trimos A-line portable articulated measuring arms, assure an extremely easy and accurate 3D measurement. The A-line arms, certified according to ISO10360-2 standards, allow quality control, inspection, and verification o f small and large size parts. Thanks to an extremely stable carbon structure, all models are light and easy to operate. You can choose between the A3, A5 and A6 models according to your specific application.

• Measuring ranges from 10"/250mm to 360"/9000mm
• Extremely easy to use
• Certified according to ISO 10360-2 standard
• Arms are configured with 6 or 7 axes
• Protected with an electromagnetic brake
• Laser scanning models available

A-Line Models
The A3 is the newest model of the Fowler Trimos A-line portable articulated measuring arms. Its particularity small size enables you to take it anywhere.

The 6-axis configuration arm is available in 51"/1300mm and 70"/1800mm measuring ranges. The carbon fiber tubes and aluminum mount base gives the A3 arm an extremely stable and light structure. With its mass counterbalance, an effortless handling experience is guaranteed.

A5 and A6
The A5 and A6 models represent the entry level of Trimos measuring arms. Reliability, accuracy and flexibility in use are their main characteristics.

The A5 and A6 arms exist in 6 or 7 axis configurations with 70"/1800mm to 3 54"/9000mm measuring ranges. They can also be used in combination with Laser Scanners for point cloud inspection or reverse-engineering. The A5 and A6 arms have magnetic brakes to prevent accidental fall of the arm and advanced electronics for better performance. If you need to inspect a large, heavy part, don’t move it, take the A5 - A6 arms to it and get your measurements done quickly with great flexibility.

These models have a measuring range of 9M with an incredible accuracy of 0.004"/0.1mm. This accuracy is attained due to our extensive experience in large volume metrology. The A7 models are equipped with electromagnetic brakes on the second axis, which allows you to lock it at a required height and use the arm safely and comfortably.

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Technical Specifications

A6 Model - 54-960-032-0
Axes:                         7
Measuring Range:       125"/3200mm
Volumetric Accuracy:   0.0017"/0.045mm
Point Repeatability:     0.0010"/0.026mm
Weight:                     21 lbs. / 9.8 kg