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Full Line of Accurate Calibration Services

For a full line of accurate calibration services, trust none other than Precision Instrument Service in Valencia, CA. Be it tool sales and repair or instrument calibration, we surely have you covered. We conform to various industry standards for your reassurance. Along with our skilled technicians possessing extensive knowledge on calibration works, we are also equipped with state of the art measuring tools for precise outputs that will satisfy your requirements. Count on us for the services that go above and beyond your expectations. All you have to do is discuss your calibration concerns with us and see for yourself how we excellently do the work for you.

To learn more about the specifics of our services, here is the list of some of the mechanical hand tools that we calibrate.

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Tools We Calibrate, Repair and Sell

Bore Gauges (All Kinds & Sizes)                                        

Calipers (All Kinds & Sizes)

Countersink Gauges

Cylindrical Rings (All Kinds & Sizes)

Depth Gauges (All Kinds & Sizes)

Dial Indicators (All Kinds & Sizes)


Gauge Blocks (All Kinds & Sizes)

Groove Gauges (All Kinds & Sizes)

Hardness Testers and Intramics (All Kinds & Sizes)

Height Master, Height Gauge,and Force Gauges (All Kinds & Sizes)

Lamina Checkers, Measuring Tapes and Optical Comparators (All Kinds & Sizes)

Micrometers (All Kinds & Sizes)

Parallels, Squares,and Steel Rule (All Kinds & Sizes)

Pin Gauges (All Kinds & Sizes)

Profilometers,Protactors,Scales and Balances (All Kinds & Sizes)

Sine Plates, Supermicrometers, and Surface Plates (All Kinds & Sizes)

Temperature Gauges,Thickness Gauges and Torque Wrenchs IN/LB,IN/OZ & FT/LB (All Kinds & Sizes)

Test Indicators (All Kinds & Sizes)

Thread Plugs (All Kinds & Sizes)

Thread Rings (All Kinds & Sizes)

Torque Watches

Tri-Roll Systems (All Kinds & Sizes)

Vee Blocks& Thread Measuring Wires (All Kinds & Sizes)